Collective of 2011 - 2012
Selected projects of mine
Hope & Foot Step of Destroyer
Selective Collection of My project from late 2011 to early 2012 ,including some client works
/ exhibition / personal project and experiment in progress.

This is illustration that hasn't been use in the project so I could publish to Behance.
The idea is that to encourage in people of being cure in chemotherapy of cancer.
So the entire project is using hair of real patient to create artwork.
This part of illustration was suppose to be in printing media part but the project is delay so
I'm not sure that if this will use in the future.

The idea of illustration is using typo illustration to tell the story of Love that give you hope.
Love from lover , love from parents and family that use the animal as symbolic because
they are pure and suitable of this project.

The Original exhibition please visit here
HAIR FOR HOPECreative Director : Puripong LimwanatipongArtist: Imhathai Suwatthanasilp
Concept by: The Leo Burnett Group Thailand

Leo Burnett Thailand has sponsored an art exhibit featuring original art sculptures 
created from the hair of chemotherapy patients. The sculptures will be available for purchase, with all proceeds going to benefit cancer patients.
Project : Ideacube Bangkok Exhibition
Name : Footstep of destroyer
Client : My Social Motion

This project is for Charity that have 100 ideas to create 100 boxes of art around Bangkok Thailand.
Mine is campaign of don't walk and smoke in public.
The illustration told the story about fading effect and destroying things
by smoke that walk and surround in the plastic box like when you walk and smoke in public
nature and lives are hurt little by little like fading effect that cause slowly destruction.
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