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    Wine accessories as promotional gifts made from crystal glass.
Wine accessories
Thisfinal student thesis presents promotional products - 300 ml and 150ml decanters, drop-stop and a bung. All these items were made ofcrystal glass and produced according to Huta Szkla w Zawierciu uniquetechnology.
The idea behind this work was to design products that would both increasethe popularity and strengthen the marketing image of Huta SzkłaZawiercie Sp. z o.o. The main characteristics of presented items areto be small in size, functional in use and to express the ambience ofthe place where they were made. But above all that - they weredesigned to promote and advertise Huta.
Thestudent has made a research on glassware market in Poland and decidedto work on items related to winemaking industry. As a result, shedesigned items for wine consumption, storage and decanting. The shapeof the designed products refers to its' function and the productionmethod. Italso shows the beauty and nobility of the material and the precisionand passion of the maker.