Mark Pritchard feat. Thom Yorke - Beautiful People
The creative mind behind the music video, Michal Marczak, takes the viewer on a mystical journey through the foggy landscapes of Polish mountains where he follows the footsteps of a lonely explorer. The digital face of this unusual traveller leave no doubt as to his outer space origin. 

We, the people behind Lunapark motion arts collective, are proud to have been chosen to be part of this artistic endeavour.
 The project was one big creative journey but the most challenging part, for sure, was the development of the the face itself. We aimed to create a projection that would be able to express different emotions and reactions, sometimes triggered with glitches. It had to look  as if the character took a random face and was trying to match it up with his emotions. As you've seen in the video, our hero is even lip syncing to the lyrics for a slight moment. We flew to Oxford, UK to record and scan Thom Yorke's face. The combined footage was used in the further process of the technical look development.

Most of the shots in our video include very complex matte paintings and visual effects. There are only couple scenes which were left almost untouched during post production process. Into some of them we've composed very subtle colored elements referring to the visuals and identity of Mark Pritchard's album. Color grading was also very important part. We came up with totally new and unique correction creating the visual journey and balancing the shots. Deletion of the ropes, sky replacements and all these regular post productions tasks were nothing comparing to the development process of the face. It was the biggest challenge both creatively and technically. We spent weeks on tests and setup preparation.
Our vision expanded with technological advancement. We've been sitting days and nights improving our knowledge and skills but at the end we finished with visually amazing project. Behind most of these creative decisions stands Jakub Knapik who took a role of the Art Director and VFX Supervisor on this project.
To scan Thom's face we used Microsoft Kinect 2 driven by Brekel Pro PointCloud softwear plus witness cam. CGI Face and other visual effects were mainly developed using Autodesk Maya, Houdini and Cinema 4D. Color grading was made on Nucoda. We've composed the shots both in Nuke and Smoke software.
Client: Warp Records
Production House: Pulse Films
Director: Michał Marczak
DOP: Marcin Koszałka, Michał Marczak
Offline edit: Rafal Listopad
Line Producer: Marta Golba
Postproduction and VFX: #LUNAPARK
Art Director: Jakub Knapik
VFX Supervisor: Jakub Knapik
3D Supervisor: Milosz Wlazło
Grading: Anka Sujka, Jakub Knapik
Matte Paintings: Bartek Macias, Paweł Małkowski
Compositing: Jakub Knapik, Paweł Małkowski
FX&Rendering: Andrzej Jękot, Jakub Knapik, Krzysiek Wolski, Łukasz Kondek, Maciej
Jurgielewicz, Miłosz Wlazło, Piotr Suchodolski
Modelling: Grzegorz Kawecki, Łukasz Kondek
Rotoscopy: Paweł Małkowski
Conforming: Paweł Małkowski
Making of edit: Jacek Ostaszewski
Copy room: Kamil Steć, Maciej Obara
VFX Executive Producer: Magdalena Miszczak, Bartek Macias
VFX Producer: Anna Kalinowska

The clip is promoting Mark Pritchard's new album „Under The Sun”, released in May.
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Mark Pritchard feat. Thom Yorke - Beautiful People