This project serves as a presentation of one our biggest projects.
As a team we were asked to come up with a video presentation that's neat, has a professional formal sense to it and is straight to the point informative to be presented to any potential sponsors.This project also targets the C.E.O of any Bank and Telecommunication Companies.

So, in order to achieve that we worked as a one man team to come up with a flow of artwork of a creative vitality yet simple and vibrant.

We started with a brainstorming session for both the script and the storyboard. Then we set to create the art work to be later utilized by our amazing team of animators.



Creative Motion UAE
Senior animator
Ahmed Magdy
Amira Ragheb
Abd Alrahman Sh
Mahmoud Elsherif
Khaled Kazem

Ahmed Waked
Alia Abdallah Salem
Mariam Apd El-Nasir

SFX and Video Editing
Ahmed Monem

Project Manager
Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sayad

Art Director
Ramy Moka

Tawasol Presentation Video