Lego - Video Scenopraphy


Production – Fondazione Nazionale della Danza Aterballetto
Coreography, Set and Costumes – GIUSEPPE SPOTA
Lights – Carlo Cerri
Music – E. Bosso, A Filetta, J. Jóhannsson, O. Arnalds/N. Frahm
Costumes Realization – Francesca Messori/Sartoria Aterballetto

Bridges, connections, streets to be travelled searching for oneself, searching for love, friendship, family, life. Events that form unions, which then transform themselves into other events. The all-encompassing, inescapable need to walk, to create, brick after brick, the road ahead, to understand those who will be part of it and to collect the fragments, without which many relationships would never exist. Thus, it is the designing of a great map: streets and labyrinths that intersect, meet and collide, that indicate direction and movement, that create casual or voluntary relationships. Yet a city is not always perfect. In this intricate coming and going, bearings are easily lost. Some streets may be closed or under construction, so uneven as to endanger these very meetings. Each person will react differently: there will be those who turn back and begin again from where they started, those who give up and those who choose to overcome the obstacles they face by rebuilding, using the blocks they have found, the very street which seemed so treacherous and uncertain.
Lego - Video Scenopraphy
Multiple Owners
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