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Univerciudad Issue # 6 - Anniversary Edition Cover:

This was a commisioned illustration for the first anniversary edition of UNIVERCIUDAD Magazine

The topic was "A Change of Roles".

They gave me some ideas about real life role changes by famous people, the list was quite long, but had to narrow to two or three characters for time and detailing purposes, so the characters chosen were Arnold going from bodybuilding to acting to politics and Angelina Jolie who went from wild child to sex icon to mom and Unicef spokesperson. The third character was suggested by the magazine editors, Ghandi in a "what if" scenario... as a wealthy and stylishly dressed person to contrast with his real life persona.

This is what was produced... a shiny and new image for the cover, it features a black background instead of the usual white one as a nod for change and also for the anniversary celebration and a "black tie event".

Univerciudad at http://www.univerciudad.com.ve.
Produced at http://www.intusvisual.com.

Cover Art
Original illustration without text
Arnold detail.
Ghandi detail.
Angelina detail... 90% satisfied with her likeness.
One of Angelina's kids detail.
Case Study
Sketch and cover mockup.
Finished plain illustration.
Color corrected.
Final Image.