‘Ricreazioni di legno’ is a 128 page book designed for RILEGNO, 
a Company dedicated to the recycling and reuse of wood. 

To promote and spread its mission, RILEGNO from time to time 
releases a printed report of its activities. 
Among the others, the book usually includes a gallery of design project 
aimed to develop and nourish the ‘wood-reuse’ topic.
paper | Favini Crush (cover, 250 gr.) and Fedrigoni Arcoprint milk (pages, 120 gr.)
binding | the staks of signatures are stitched to the spine with a thread-stitch system and the glue to the cover
Cover #2 | limited edition cover printed on cork according to a Rilegno internal division connected to cork production.
Rilegno | logbook

Rilegno | logbook

Project for a Company Logbook - RILEGNO - to spread an extraordinary tale made of: calls for ideas, wandering workshops, designer’a handmade proj Read More