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Most of the analysts have been taking safer routes while explaining predictions about SEO. They talk about mobile, page speed and the factors talking about which obviously makes sense to most of the readers. However, there are some pretty weird things that are going to happen in the future when it comes to SEO. The weird I am talking about here is not something that comes out of the blue. There are pretty logical reasons that would explain the sense behind those predictions.
So, what those predictions are? Let’s discuss.

The ranking shift will be the biggest in history

This prediction is based on the new approach that Google has started following in 2016. The implementation of RankBrain and its AI based influence on the search results hint at a bigger ranking change that is yet to come.
The main job of RankBrain is to arrange the list of ranking signals according to priorities and then suggest Google’s ranking system to rank the pages that fulfill certain criteria. One of these ranking signals is the engagement, which is surely going to be among the top ones.
Still, things will go unnoticed to a great extent

Sounds strange after hearing about the big shift? Well it’s actually not that hard to believe if you look inside. The major reason is that previous updates had been penalizing websites after going live. You know how a manual update works. The experts keep developing the update and when it gets completed, they launch it to suddenly give a lot of people, who would stick with the bad practices, a real shock. The RankBrain and other AI based systems are designed to update themselves and take immediate actions in real time. It means that the bad practitioners will not be given time to earn traffic; and the good Indianapolis SEO practitioners will be happy as always.
Google featured snippets and search results are going to be consolidated

Now, it is something that simply looks sensible. The reason is that the snippets are often picked from the content of the websites that do not ride the top positions in SERPs. One can conclude from the way snippets have been working so far like Google suggests in a way like this: “The top result is not the appropriate answer for your question so you can view this snippet”.

So, according to experts, Google has been using snippets as a way to test the engagement and now, when Google has the data, they are going to unite snippets and search results to give more meaningful answers to users’ queries.
Elimination of lower search results display

The most noticeable victim of machine learning is believed to be the portion that displays organic listings at 6 – 10 positions in SERPs. Once those organic listings will be terminated, the void positions will be filled with ads. It makes sense because these listings are seldom considered by most of the users. With ads on display, users will click those ads out of the real need to buy something.