3rd Year Painting
Under The Influence.
 This is My Third year Project. It consists of a series of Distorted landscapes & Faces. I have also  been collecting images and videos of people under the influence of Alcohol. I find it interesting to work on the strange facial expressions and poses of some one under the influence. I think of it as a new approach to life drawing. 

The more abstract paintings  in this slide, is what I am imagining these people see when they are drunk. I am putting these intoxicated people into an abstract alternative world. This is part one of this Project. Enjoy.

Oil on Board

For Sale P.O.A  (Price on Asking)

 Drunk Plotting to Shave Eyebrow

Combination of Ink & Acrylic Paint on Newspaper

Not For Sale
 Close up Of Portrait

Oil On canvas.

 Series of Studies of Drunk Faces.

Oil On Canvas

All Sold.

Oil On Board

For Sale P.O.A


Oil On Canvas.

For Sale. P.O.A

Combination of pen, ink, & Acrylic Paint on Card.

A pair. 
Oil on canvas.
For Sale. P.O.A
 The Final piece to the first part of this project. 

Oil On Canvas. 

For Sale P.O.A
3rd Year Painting