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I made art work for my astrology website http://www.yearly-horoscope.org .On my website I  talks about astrology, Times to Come, presents forecasts and monthly information, advice on relationships and offers personal readings and much more!

Here is a preview from my website: The past few years haven't been especially smooth or trouble-free for those born under the sign of the ram. Home and family affairs were under the adverse influence of Saturn in Cancer, stirring up anxieties and emotionally charged issues. And during the last half of 2017, Mars's backward and forward motion through Taurus locked you into a holding pattern for months on end. But as 2017 gets under way, you're emerging not only unscathed but calmly confident. Mellow isn't a word generally associated with driven, impatient Aries, yet it's exactly the one that comes to mind. You've rearranged your priorities, gotten a new grip and are more at peace with yourself than you've ever been. For detailed informations please visit my website.