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I made art work for my astrology website http://www.horoscope2018.guru On my website I  talks about astrology, Times to Come, presents forecasts and monthly information, advice on relationships and offers personal readings and much more!

Here is a preview from my website: The past few years haven't been especially smooth or trouble-free for those born under the sign of the ram. Home and family affairs were under the adverse influence of Saturn in Cancer, stirring up anxieties and emotionally charged issues. And during the last half of 2017, Mars's backward and forward motion through Taurus locked you into a holding pattern for months on end. But as 2017 gets under way, you're emerging not only unscathed but calmly confident. Mellow isn't a word generally associated with driven, impatient Aries, yet it's exactly the one that comes to mind. You've rearranged your priorities, gotten a new grip and are more at peace with yourself than you've ever been. For detailed informations please visit my website.
Those born under this fierce sign that is dominated by the mighty Sun are known to be very energetic. They are generous and have leadership abilities. Due to your personality, you will be able to handle the problems that will appear in your path. That's why the horoscope for Lei is a positive one. According to the stars, you can expect a period of success, especially at the end of the year.
Right at the beginning of the year, you can expect some advantages due to Mercus's position in Aquarius. Lions will feel the need to defend themselves under any circumstances. However, this influence may be negative - when it comes to communication, especially in relationships where you need to reach a compromise. But right now, you do not think about it at all.

Due to the influence of Venus, the spring of 2018 will increase your personal life. The horoscope suggests you will not miss attention from the opposite sex, flirting and adventures. The greatest chance for a new relationship is at this time. You will also be attracted to travelers and exploring the unknown.

According to the horoscope, you can expect some problems in the middle of 2018. You will be anxious about what will slow you down to work, so you may find yourself in a situation without escape. Leagues have to be careful about their careers so they can fix the mistakes as quickly as possible. You can not take leave now, you have to wait for a better time. You also need to focus on family because you will find support and security there. The dearest will be happy to help you during this difficult time.