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    photography by Oleg Bootkovsky
photography by Oleg Bootkovsky
for Loft Project Etagi

Naked models are not the point, but a part of the whole conception of the project. The idea is embodied in every detail, creating the atmosphere of desire and pleasure. The series of
photos was shot in completely different places, however, keeping to the one idea the photographer creates the atmosphere of the same feelings and one desire - to undermine the bourgeois principles of society in the second half of the XX century still accepted in our times and instilled in our minds as a both pleasant and integral part of our lives. The light and the marvelous details fill every photograph with the spirit of freedom without shocking or overflowing with undisguised scenes; still, at the same time the provocative details manage to make its impact on the viewers.

photography by Oleg Bootkovsky
style Asia Zhenishek
mua Yana Zikhareva
model Yulia Kosheleva, Ilya Lebedev