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    Roma, Itália 2012

"I wore a sweater," is a different way to grab a Project, it was also a different way of facing the challenges that would be proposed in a new experience, and this was undoubtedly the best way I found to show motivation and willingness to want Achieve one more goal. The "dressing up" gave me the strength to commit myself to the tasks as well as the desire to obtain new results both personally and professionally. It is through all this little concept (grasping, strength, motivation, wanting) that the slogan "I put on my sweater" is born.

Speaking a little about Leonardo da Vinci Project, for those who do not know this is a European Internship Program which I had the opportunity to join (through Etic Lisboa) and to train in Rome for some months in the area of Graphic Design. Upon completion this is the end result of a fulfilled goal!
In a first starting point for the realization of this Project, my main objective was to create a unique and different idea for the production of it. So I thought of a package that had the shape of a "T" so that it could have a direct relation to the name of the Project and that in its interior would show us in general the challenge / experience that I had in Rome. After a few months of research and many sketch book drafts, ideas started to come out and finally I had an idea of ​​what I wanted inside the package. In an initial phase one of the first things to be created was the logo so that it could identify the whole Project as well as all the pieces produced, only after the rest material to the interior of the packaging. Inside the packaging we have as main element a T.shirt given that the name of the Project is "I donned the sweater", then two books also as main element as they describe the experience in Rome, as well as the experience in the company where I staged and As a secondary element a photographic script, a postcard and a sticker.

All the pieces were thought and produced in a retro / vintage style given that Rome is an ancient city and full of history.