Adapt: Poster Series
A typography story of Vietnamese Community in Australia
This poster series is my project for Master of Design in Monash University. 
In Australia, Vietnamese has becomes one of the most important culture and the number of Vietnamese resides through out the kangaroo land hasn't stopped yeThe influence of Vietnamese on Australia culture has become very apparent. You can easily find any Vietnamese Restaurant at any major city CBD like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, etc.
The community growth is told through by typographic elements in the poster. Each typographic element is a tribute to Vietnamese 's history and art, for instances: traditional Đông Hồ wood-carving, strong color contrast found in most tradition paintings or even a tribute to Vietnamese Architecture ornaments. 
Tribute to Vietnamese National Religion: Ancestors-oriented Buddhism. The curved tails are symbolize the smoke of incense sticks used to worship Buddha and their ancestors. 
Translation: The Commonwealth of Australia.
A tribute to modern Vietnamese Calligraphy which is quite similar to Chinese Calligraphy but in Vietnamese ( which is Latin-based). The accent ^ also serves as a roof express Australia is new home for Vietnamese Community.

Translation: Plowing the field in a steamy afternoon, the sun heat makes my body sweat like a stormy shower in the field.
Unlike English proverb, Vietnamese proverb is very poetic and usually contains a lot of life lessons.
For instance, this phrase tells us about the condition of Vietnamese rice farmers which is quite similar to Australian-Vietnamese farmer who worked in Winery across Australia in the year of 1980s.

Translation: Ever time you are enjoying a full bowl of fluffy rice, remember that each grain is a result of hundred bittersweet tear and sweat drops.
The second phrase teaches us about being grateful and respect labour.
This also educates the younger generation of Vietnamese in Australia about the older generation effort of making Australia becomes an easier place for Vietnamese to live.
A portrait of a typical Vietnamese migrant in the 1980s. 
The overlapping image of new old home and new home: Bến Thành Market vs Flinders Street Station. They are both an important landmark in th every center of the city where people use to travel across the country.
A Typography piece of Springvale which is usually called The Vietnamese Town due to high Vietnamese population in here (23.5% ). You can almost find any Vietnamese food and good in here.
An awkward cultural combination.
Tribute to the Vietnamese who perished on their way to Australia.
A tribute to Vietnamese Copper Drum.
The reason of Vietnamese migration to Australia, the political changes and wars.
Vietnamese arrival and the end of White Australia policy.
Adapt: Poster

Adapt: Poster

Research for Master of Design in Monash University 2012. This poster series is my project for Master of Design in Monash University. In Australi Read More