• Kim Aldis: A Portfolio
    A selection from the photography of Kim Aldis
    Further examples of Kim's work may be found at www.kim-aldis.co.uk
  • Kim Aldis is a former computer animator and special effects artist who now spends his time taking photographs in and around South Devon.

    For a full resume please visit www.kim-aldis.co.uk/policies/about/ 
  • Meadfoot Beach, S. Devon
  • Meadfoot Beach, S. Devon
  • Lemonfest Music Festival, Newton Abbot, S. Devon
  • Meadfoot Beach, S. Devon
  • Babbacombe Bay, S. Devon
  • Torquay Pier, S. Devon
  • View from Oceanside Pier, S. California
  • The Slipway at Oddicombe Beach, S. Devon
  • San Onofre Beach, S. California
  • Babbacombe Bay, S. Devon
  • Teignmouth Sea Front, S. Devon
  • Walls Hill, Torbay, S. Devon
  • By the Road to Burgh Island
  • Teignmouth Beach, S. Devon
  • Paignton Pier, S. Devon
  • Teignmouth Sea Front (Eastcliff), S. Devon
  • Oddicombe Beach Slipway, S. Devon