The Pros & Cons of Self-Service Moving
When it comes to packing up and moving your home there are only about three options at your disposal. First, you have your full service moving option where you completely rely on a moving company to pack up and move your entire household. Your second option is the good old-fashioned do-it-yourself method. Where, you literally do everything yourself. And then of course you have your third and arguably most popular option, self-service moving.

While full-service moving seems to make a lot of sense, this option can actually leave a lot of people uneasy. After all, you’re leaving all of your life’s possessions into the hands of strangers. Who, often times are the not the professionals they are perceived to be. Plus, you may have to deal with the added stress of them getting lost and of course the high prices that are typically charged.

All of this may seem to then point to the DIY option being the best. But again, this has it’s own added stressors. First of all, you have to not only pack your entire house into shipping boxes, but you also have to then load those shipping boxes onto a truck. Then you have to drive said truck through who knows what and who knows how far to make it to your destination. Where you again will need to do all the work to unload those exact same shipping boxes. Sounds miserable right?

Enter the self-service option. This moving method combines the pros of both full-service moving and DIY moving. It does this by allowing you to be in charge of packing up your items, but not being responsible for actually driving your items to the new location. Essentially how it works is a container is delivered to your home a day or two before your actual move is to take place. You then fill the container with all of your shipping boxes and other household items. They a truck will come and pick up your container to drive it to where it needs to go. This option gives you control over your items while eliminating the high costs of all rental truck, and the added stress of having to drive that truck to your destination.
There is one downside to this method and that is often times a self service moving company will not move the container unless it's being transported outside of state lines. However this is not the case with all self-serving moving companies, so always ask early on to help streamline your selection process.

When it comes down to it, only you can decide which method is truly best for you. If you really are the hands-off type of person, than full service will be the way to go. Just make sure if you pick this method you hire a reputable moving company to ensure the safety of your items. If you are a completely hands-on, borderline control freak, DIY moving is the way to go. Plus, it allows you to cash in those favors that you been holding onto from your friends. However, if you want the best of both worlds than look into self-service moving and see if this option is the most viable for you and your family's big move. Whatever you decide, we wish you a happy moving day!