VIZIO Packaging Campaigns
Packaging VIZIO products since 2003
EFFA Packaging Campaign, otherwise known as Entertainment Freedom for All. Working with ICM Talent and VIZIO – Freedom Fighters were selected to be part of a series of packaging that individually represented all the aspects of entertainment. Each had a portrait on the back of the celebrity, their story and what entertainment freedom means to them. On the front, we portrayed them in their element – on stage, film, sports or industry – each message focused on the aspects of what people want… Personalization, Connectivity, Movies, Music and more. Ultimately we began a movement through packaging, stand up for your rights, unleash your devices, set your entertainment free. This is Entertainment Freedom for All.
Are You Ready for Some Football?

Before the NFL Season, VIZIO was entertaining the idea of sponsoring the NFL Season. These co-branded packaging concepts were developed for VIZIO HDTV packaging merging NFL players and branding with high definition sports action. The sports fan is 80% of VIZIO’s market share and MAG felt this was a strong position for the growing brand to drive brand awareness by leveraging the NFL brand. Additionally, we had another idea to drive sales of these products by making limited edition models that had autographed jersey cards included in the box. After the coin flip, VIZIO opted out of the bid for NFL sponsorship but at least we have this really cool packaging concept.
Foxy Cleopatra meets VIZIO
In 2009, rising consumer electronics brand felt they needed some star power to match their own rockstar status in the market. VIZIO inked a deal with Beyonce’ as their spokesperson and we began integrating her into the brand. As we began development of packaging our focus was to merge Beyonce’s brand with VIZIO and finding the common ground. Not just slapping a celeb on the box because of her recognition. Our concept was to match Beyonce’, the ultimate performer, with VIZIO the ultimate in performance HDTVs. Bright lights, vivid colors of the concert all captured in crisp high definition images bringing consumers the same epic experience at home.