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    T-shirt design for Project Deliverance (http://www.projectdeliverance.com/)
Satan's Tricycle
Project Deliverance
T-shirt design for the Project Deliverance gym.  Satan's Tricycle is the nickname of the AirDyne and is the true instrument of the devil. This stationary bike puts the rider through increased resistance and hell as they push harder towards the breaking point of muscle exhaustion.

"Project Deliverance" is a gym where we train high school, collegiate, professional, and athletes in general as well as those who are willing to commit to improving themselves. We are a values-driven operation. We are a family. We are constantly working and growing. We are curious, motivated, driven by intangible and for many, inconceivable forces. Our mission is to constantly redefine human limitations. We pursue the infinite, we're attempting to tap into mysterious energy and exploit it. We rearrange genetic potential. We force you to confront your delusions and obliterate them. We see the horizon, find a way to reach what lies on it as quickly as possible, and upon arrival look at the next horizon. We are not for everyone. Currently, the gym as a physical location is operated in St. Louis, Missouri.