Real beauty.

The therapeutic effect of healing water has been known to mankind since the 17th century. 
Now, Aquatadeus brings this healing aspect into their skin-care line – a line that makes the skin feel good again. After moodley’s rebranding, the corporate design also reflects this newly found sense of well-being.

Optimistic, natural and honest – this is probably how Aquatadeus could best be described. With their natural skincare line, the brand wants to take the secrecy out of neurodermatitis and communicate openly and honestly. This self-confidence is now central to the new brand identity and the packaging design.


Creative Direction: Mike Fuisz
Art Direction: Nicole Lugitsch
Graphic Design: Nicole Lugitsch, Britta Fuchs
Text: Matthias Alber, Andreas Leitner

Project Management: Christina Schachner, Rupert Rechling