"All The Best" movie - CG cockroaches VFX sequence
During the summer of 2015. I had a pleasure to create some CG cockroaches for the movie "All The Best", directed by Snjezana Tribuson.

Sequence consisted of 12 shots featuring around 140 cockroaches altogether, which made it quite a challenging but also fun project. I did everything except cockroach model and texture (bought on Turbo Squid), which included rigging, animation, 3D tracking, lighting, shading, rendering, FX and compositing.
Special thanks go to Ratimir Rakuljic for taking spherical photos of the environment while we were on the set.

This little roaches participated in winning "Golden Arena" award for best VFX on 63rd Pula Film Festival.

- Final sequence -
- Making of -
- Some stills from the process -
- Finished Stills -

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