The Museum of Russian History "Zavetliy Klyuch" is based on the territory of Primary School in Moscow. In these 20 years the museum collected plenty of interesting exhibits.The majority of museum visitors are children 6-13 years. During the work on this project, it was pretty difficult to balance between the ludus aspect and education. The main objective of this project was to create interesting guide, that helps visitors of the museum to remember main route,  interesting exhibits and useful information. So the museum’s visitor becomes an active participant.
We created the guide, that propose various of tasks and strongly linked with exhibition. This guidebook involves visitors in the journey through the museum and gives them possibility to play and learn at the same time.
The route and texts authors: Elena Bogdanchikova, Irina Turova, Lili Rogacheva.
Illustrations, layout and prototype manufacturing: Ksenia Rogacheva
Photos: Andrea Brivio
Illustrator assistant: Lydia Klein