Papa Jazz
2014 Greene Street 
Columbia, SC 29205

 1. Papa Jazz is Unique!  
                ~ Yes that is a cat wearing a beret! Papa Jazz loves their uniqueness and they love for others to enjoy it as well! So lets follow where the jazzy cat is pointing us and head inside Papa Jazz for a visit!
          ~ When walking into Papa Jazz one should look down every once in a while because you will find records everywhere in this shop. Yes, even on the floor! 
3. Ummmm...Excuse Me There is a Hole in the Wall!
     ~ Yeah...! What can I say, they needed a bit of extra space to run their online shipments out of! But do not worry though! There may not be a wall there but there are still support beams!
4. Treasure Hunting Takes Time!
      ~ Sometimes the best part is in the search! Some people enjoy looking through the mounds and mounds of records! It's the journey not destination sometimes so take your time and browse!
5. I Don't Have Time to Treasure Hunt!
      ~ That is a ok too! You will always find a music savvy Papa Jazz employee around to help you find what ever it is you may need! 
6. Secret Storage!
       ~ If you can't find what you are looking for and they can't either all hope is not lost! They have a few secret storage areas of awesomeness that may hold that music you desire! If they can't find it there, then they also can order it online for you and get it shipped to them fast!
7. Caution: People are Sometimes on the Floor too
     ~ Where the records are the people soon follow...even to the floor! Just please walk around them, not through or over them! They are just trying to look for music master pieces like you! Other then that, enjoy the good feel vibes of Papa Jazz and great prices always!