Casa El Maqui
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The building is located in the eastern hillside of El Maqui Brook, a rural place of The Coastal Mountain
 Range of Chile. This geographical zone is part of a protected natural reserve with high and important ecological value because its singular and diverse coexisting ecosystems.The client ask for a seasonal house for a family of six and a near garden around the house whose principal element was water. In order not to alter the rich forests and ecosystems we sought an already damaged hillside without vegetation to found the building. The new landscaping project should recover the area. The eastern hillside position assure us prolonged sunlight and optimal exposure to the prevailing ascendant air current.
The program distribution, the volume and the way it stands over the ground will response to two opposite situations: A preexisting one (the geography and weather) and a propose one (the near garden and the water). A dormitory pavilion rises with presence and exposure, oriented to the views, the weather virtues.
The common areas volume adopts an intimate and hermetic position focused on the family activities and on its direct relationship with the garden and water.
The Water surfaces that round the house were dimensioned by a swimming pool request and by a proposed bio filter pond with studied levels and extensions. This water surfaces and its specific aquatic plants made possible a flooded garden, excavated on the hillside, directly in contact with the internal common area  activities. This flooded garden also provides an important fresh air supply necessary to control and manage the summer high temperatures.
Architects: GITC Arquitectura
Location: Quebrada el Maqui, Olmué, Valparaíso, Chile
Project team: Rodrigo Belmar Expósito, Felipe Vera Buschmann, Carlos Estay Olguín, Rodrigo Del Castillo Celis, Felipe Muñoz Sepúlveda, Logna Barrientos S
Structural calculation: Roberto Soto V
Área: 253.0 m2
Project year: 2014
Photographer: Felipe Díaz Contardo
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