Role of Personalization in Brand’s Packaging
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A brand’s position in the market can have certain effect due to packaging trends the brand follows. It means that if you pay proper attention to the packaging trends, you are definitely going to get your product sold in a better way as compared to your competitors. However, most of us often forget about sticking to the ‘conventional’ part of packaging, i.e. the brands have started to ignore emphasizing the brand’s name on product packaging. This practice may lead a brand to have quick profits but it can turn out to be disastrous in the long run. On the contrary, some of the brands have been successful in creating a balance between the trend and tradition. A bright example is of Coca-Cola.
We all know about the Coca-Cola’s campaign, ‘Share a Coke’. This campaign gave the Coke’s fans a fun activity to search in the local stores for the coke bottles having their names or that of their friends. This campaign also became highly popular on social media. What Coca Cola Company really had to deal with was printing several thousand names on bottles but this campaign gave the true impression of personalization while Coke didn’t let the traditional advertisement factor to get ignored.
There are also the trends that are helping the brands which do not see customization in packaging as a viable option. For instance, such brands can use packaging and shipping supplies that can be recycled. This trend basically lets the customers to get something valuable or usable along with the product they are paying for. Another option for those brands, in case they also want to work on design, is to use unconventional packaging materials. For example, Frito-Lay is planning to use UV activated packaging material which changes its color when it is exposed to sunlight. Another way of customization without changing the outer look is to work on the inside of packaging. If your product is being packaged in the cardboard boxes, you can decorate or color the inside of the boxes. This way of package designing can help you to leave the brand message even until the time of fully unpacking of the product.
Apart from luxurious packaging, simplicity has also been highly in demand. For example, transparency is being preferred more for the food packaging. The reason is that people like to know about the actual food item they are buying. This packaging technique can help the customers to develop trust in a brand the moment they look at the product in the shelf.

Bottom line is that while other marketing methods are highly important for the promotion of your product, it is equally essential that you design the packaging of your product if you really want to stay in the competition.