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    Character sketch design for an upcoming t-shirt I plan to print and sell.
Lil' Sluggerbot
Puny Humans...
This is a personal work designed for print on a t-shirt. The design was inspired by a recent dental emergency - the pain had me shrieking like a howler monkey - and I needed to take care of it immediately. Thankfully, I have some great friends who could help me out. I can't say thank you enough, so I decided to create and sell an original design that I felt would appeal the evil side of us all.
My sketch for the eventual vector design. My line-work is generally lousy so the first thing I do is to outline and review the character - adding and subtracting until I balance the image. There are sure to be a lot of changes coming...
Vectorized design, still some tweaking to do to finish the character. I have to start shading him in a few areas and there are a couple of fun details I still want to try and work in.. then I can start on the background elements. *Always fun to note the changes to the original character sketch. My sketches are just the base of a better design.
Meet the Sluggerbot! Sports fan and people lover, ready to go to bat for all mankind. Playing for 'Team Puny Humans'. Final version - ready for print!