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    Small work for Omni Art House Monster Show
Sea Monster
Omni Art House
Things I forgot about acrylic over the past year

1. If you seal all your containers of gesso and medium tightly and properly, and even leave in the little paper liners, that stuff will still dry into weird hard chunks of uselessness.

2. There are rules about what will and will not stick to gesso, since it is essentially plastic. Don’t defy these rules! But if you decide you want to, since it is late at night and your judgement has gone home for the day, keep your ox gall with you at all times. Like soap and duct tape, this substance will bend the laws of physics. In your favor.

This will be my piece for Omni Art House’s online Monster Show. They sent me a little MDF board to paint it on, which is why I dug out the acrylics in the first place. Even ox gall can’t make watercolor stick to MDF.
The Monster show won’t be up until October, but for anyone who wants to know more about Omni and maybe enter a piece, you can visit their site here: