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How To Ship A Crib Safely & Securely
One of the most precious moments in life will be when you bring home your baby from the hospital. You'll walk into the house with your beautiful baby, take them to their new room, and lay them in their crib as you stare down at their sweet sleeping face. This creative that you just laid them in is going to be where your little one sleeps for the next several years. So, if you ever needed to move, wouldn’t you want to ship this precious piece of cargo with the most delicate care that it gave your child for so many years? If the answer is yes, were here to help guide you through the best way to safely and securely ship a crib.
First things first, you'll want to choose a shipping method. The two best options are LTL freight carriers and parcel shippers. Parcel shippers are a good option if the crib is on the smaller and lighter size. Typically a parcel shipper will accept anything weighing 70 pounds or less. And tends to be the more speedy of the two shipping methods. However, they are not necessarily the most safe or gentle. LTL shippers may take a little longer, but tend to have quite a bit of experience shipping more delicate cargo such as cribs.

Whichever shipping method you decide to go with, you'll still want to properly prepare your crib for shipment. The best way to do this is as follows. First remove any and all protruding pieces that you can. This would include any knob, decorative piece, or any other item that sticks out and is an accident waiting to happen. Remove any casters, legs, lights, hanging toys, and decorative trim from the crib and package them by using quality shipping supplies. Being careful to label each box with the contents.

Once this is been completed you can move on to wrapping, crating, or boxing your crib. The option you choose here will mostly depend upon the shipping method you decided to go with. So, talk to either your LTL carrier service, or the parcel shipping service to figure out what's the best method to package your crib. Wrapping protects the surfaces of the crib and provides cushioning against end. This is particularly helpful for crabs with fine wood finishes as it will help minimize the risk of the crib getting scratched. Just make sure if you decide to wrap the crib that you allow it to be able to breathe.

Crating a crib is also another option. Although, this tends to get more expensive because you often need to have a custom crate made, it actually is one of the safest options. So, if your crib is extremely valuable, has an extremely odd shape, or is being carried a long distance over rough terrain, this will be well worth the investment.

Boxing your bring is a third option. But unlike with the knobs and decorative pieces, this isn’t a place for cheap moving boxes. Instead, you’ll want a heavy-duty box that will help protect the crib from damage during shipment. Although, finding a box the right size for your crib could prove to be a challenge. Nevertheless, it is a solid choice and provides protection against elements such as the sun, moisture, and almost eliminates the possibility of it getting scratched.

However you decide to ship your crib make sure you are comfortable with whoever will be handling it during the shipment process. This will help put your mind at ease that the crib that held your baby all those years, will be carried safely to it’s destination.