Post-War Reconstruction the Netherlands 1945-1965
The Future of a Bright and Brutal Heritage

The book gives an overview of the buildings in the re-emerging Netherlands and examines the significance of this heritage of the reconstruction for current tasks of transformation and rezoning. The publication is an initiative of the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands.

245 x 315 mm / 232 pages / English edition

Commissioned by: nai010 publishers (Marcel Witvoet)
Editors: Anita Blom, Simone Vermaat, Ben de Vries
Texts contributions: Koos Bosma, Frans van Burkom, Dorine van Hoogstraten, Jan van Rheenen, Albert Reimstra, Bertram de Rooij, Yteke Spoelstra, Frank Strolenberg, Ed Taverne, Wouter Veldhuis 
Book Design: Beukers Scholma
Lithography and Printing: NPN Drukkers
Binding: Boekbinderij Patist

ISBN 978-94-6208-279-3