Refreshing rebrand for Dilmunia
Bringing a new direction and voice to a vital real estate master-planned development
Dilmunia once traded on a platform of 'health & wellness' but accidentally built a perception of being a development that would be attractive to the sick and dying - not a great position for a brand to occupy. We strategically realigned the brand towards a 'refreshing' position, where the attributes of well being and vitality could be communicated and a perception of a balanced and healthy lifestyle could be created. The project was won after a three way pitch.

Presented here is the logo, 5th element visual device (and strapline), bag, banners, fund report and guidelines documentation. 

This was the first project with Predrag on the team and the work is really impressive. We have entered this for ReBrand 100 this year and are keeping fingers crossed for a result. 
Logo represents island land mass combined with both the capital letter 'D' and the influence of a water droplet - an essential purifying element in life. 
Device represents both the topography of the project and an underwater scene (as seen through a glass bottomed boat!). The font we selected was Dalton Maags Foco for it's subtle blend of corporate and hand drawn styles. It's progressively more organic the bolder the weight. Here seen in light, below in bold.  
Fund reports are presented to the investor audience every quarter - design is set, images and content change. 
Brand guidelines give essential controls as well as giving the designers knowledge of the brand's strategy.