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    A commissioned portrait of the ship "Olancho," a classic Honduran freighter.
I recently finished this commissioned watercolor painting of the Olancho, a 1970′s freighter with classic lines evoking the old tramp steamers and working vessels of the early to mid 1900′s. It was a pleasure to work on as the client had a wealth of reference and experience to build from, making it a great project from sketch to finish.
Olancho,  Initial Layout

I included the sailboats to make the composition feel more picturesque and dynamic: adding a sense of movement and scale to the larger 
Olancho.  As the freighter hailed from Honduras at the time pictured here, I used boats and sail trims that might be encountered traveling through the Caribbean: the tiny boat in the distance is actually a Honduran fishing boat and the foremost vessel based off of a fishing boat from the Bahamas. Upon review, the client thought that the foremost vessel felt too much like a dhow, or Eastern sailing rig, with which I agreed. 
Olancho, Revised Layout

I edited the boat in the foreground to be more of a Western gaff-rigged sloop, better suited to the Olancho's typical routes, but made sure to keep a similar sail shape to redirect the eye back to the freighter.

Thanks for checking out my work!