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    Brief selection of print design for marketing and sales efforts.
A series of social media posts for the construction industry's annual Safety Week.
The annual planning summit of MWH is an in-depth workshop style event. Presentations, panel discussions, small group sessions, and more require both print and digital collateral that reinforces the summit's themes as well as inspires those in attendance. In the 2014 collateral, imagery local to the event illustrated contrasting subject matter and unusually framed content to evoke new perspectives on the topics addressed. 
Collaborating with graphic designers within the U.S., U.K., India, and Australia, we successfully launched a suite of marketing collateral—a tiered system of brochures and sales sheets that capture the value of MWH services. 
A series of consultative sales brochures utilizing a flexible branded template. A familiar layout for the narrative is paired with customized graphics and images to relay a compelling value proposition.