Use Pinterest To Supercharge Your Brand
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Use Pinterest To Supercharge Your Brand
Anyone in the marketing world knows that you need to use a social media platform in order to build your brand, and boost your Indianapolis SEO. While most marketers will tend to focus on social media stages such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, there is one social media network that most tend to overlook. Enter Pinterest.
Pinterest, while not commonly thought of as a building tool, is actually one of the better ways to help supercharge your brand. Why may you ask? Well, think of Pinterest pins as a fine wine. While it needs time to mature, it actually gets better with age. In fact, studies have shown that pins have an average half-life of 151,200 minutes. Whereas Facebook posts, tweets, and Instagram posts have 24 minutes to 90 minutes, give or take. Meaning, your Pinterest pins can continue to generate traffic while your other social media posts have already been swallowed by other “white noise”.

In order to take advantage of Pinterest you need to set up your account the current way. In order to take advantage of Pinterest’s brand building features, make sure you join as a business. Or, if you already have an existing account converted into a business page. Once you have your account in place, now it's time to create your boards.
Boards help to categorize pins. They make its a simple way for your users to find the pins that coincide with their interests. For example, if you are an apparel brand you may create different boards for women's fashion, men's fashion, and latest trends. There is no limit to the amount of boards you can create, just make sure there is a clear distinction between the pins that you publish within them. Also, use keywords in your board title and description to help your target audience find your pins.

The next step is to develop your Pinterest content. Pinterest is all about visual content. However, keep in mind that there's no room for generic stock photos, copy-pasted means, or simple screenshots. If you want to keep users in gauged, you have to create your own original, amazingly visual content. The 5 ways you can create great visual content are:

- Infographics
- Descriptive Images
- Videos
- GIFs
- Rich Pins

There are several tools online that can help better explain what these are and how to best utilize them.

Once you've developed your content then need to build your showcase. Unlike in the past, Pinterest now allows business accounts to create a rotating showcase.  This is a great way to highlight your best boards and capture the attention of new visitors. You can showcase up to 5 boards in your account at one time. Remember, to choose wisely and pick the best ones that reflect what your brand is about.

Now it's time to engage your audience. Just like with any other social media network, Pinterest requires you to stay interactive with your audience to maximize engagement. Essentially this means you have to follow popular boards, leave feedback in your followers popular pins, and respond to comments. Also, you need to make it easy for your audience to pin content from your site. This can be done using a widget builder to integrate a “Save” button straight into your content.
In order to build a social media presence on Pinterest you must utilize a ton of creativity. But, if you can manage to do this, you can maximize your brand awareness. Boosting your Indianapolis SEO, and send people flooding to your website.