Interactive poster project "Prosto po Prešernu" is group project mentored by professor Eduard Čehovin for interactive class at Academy of fine arts and design (ALUO) master studies.  

Authors: Michaela Selmani, Dijana Šimigoc, Tina Červan and Bernarda Conič

Portrait of France Prešeren, Slovenian poet.
Billboards are presented around city center of Ljubljana, Slovenia from cultural day (8th of February) and will be on display for 2 weeks. 
So for that reason we made his portrait without his facial features. But when you use Aurasma interactive app poster changes into short animations. 
France Prešern also wrote Slovenian national song which is the only national song in the world about raising glasses, cheering and drinking, so we wanted animation to be comical and short and in a way to mock Slovenian drinking culture.