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As a Lecturer at Ton Duc Thang University – Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts, my key responsibilities have been:

 Developing and implementing an effective learning and teaching practices within the University at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 
  Planing and delivery tutorials, lectures, workshops and conferences. 
 Developing and delivering units within the Graphic Design course, including Packaging Design, Advertising, Typography, Design Principles, Corporate Identity, Branding, Portfolio, Printing Techniques and Publication Design. 

  Actively participating in the further development and coordination of the course curriculum by planning and writing the new academic programme and course materials.
  Mentoring the Final Project/ Thesis of graduate students.
  Developing the Department of Graphic Design by organizing and managing educational events and industry interaction opportunities: workshops, design talks and exhibitions.
  Establishing a creative space – Design Lab – equipped with proper material for students to get together and share ideas, research, explore and experiment in collaboration with invited industry experts.
 Contributing to the leadership and management of the Typography Course, ensuring the curriculum is consistent, current and relevant, and monitoring the quality of its delivery.
  Developing an interdisciplinary practice in design by collaborating with other disciplines in the Faculty, including the Fashion and Industrial Design Departments.
  Liaising with all the members from the Faculty and actively participating in discussed issues and debates.
  Contributing to the research activities and output of the Faculty, both individually and as a member of a team.

  Performed administrative duties and maintained records of student’s performance and attendance.