Facebook Is Making Updates to Its Live Feature
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Facebook Is Making Updates to Its Live Feature
Facebook is at it again. This year, 2017, Facebook made an announcement that it’s going to be releasing updates on its Facebook Live feature. These features will include several upgrades, as well as new functions to help better streamline the Facebook Live process, especially for those that are public figure or of celebrity status.  While this may not seem like a big deal to you as a simple marketer, these new features could help you utilize Facebook Live to boost your Indianapolis SEO awareness.
Facebook Live’s first new feature is that they are enabling Pages to air Live streams through the desktop web. The entire premise behind this is to help make Live videos not only easier to product, but also more professional. By being able to use a desktop, you’ll eliminate shaky camerawork that often occurs when using a smartphone.

The second feature Facebook is rolling out is to be able to affix comments to the bottom of a live broadcast. Meaning, you can highlight the comments that you feel best articulate and contribute to your Live broadcast. Plus, it helps wade through all the other comments, such as hi or LOL, that tend to crowd out the comments of substance.

Facebook is also changing things up by allowing you to link Pages by using the URL http://www.facebook.com/PAGENAME/videos. This video permalink allows your users to be greeted with a live video if you are currently broadcasting. Plus, they will also see all your previous videos, live or non-live.

Also, Facebook is adding features that may interest brands looking to hire publishers or celebrities to produce branded live streams. For instance, Pages will now allow people who aren't Page admins to broadcast live from the Page’s account. In the past, in order to be able to produce any sort of live feed you had to be a Page admin. This made it difficult for brands, such as your own, to hire other contributors to help produce live feeds.
In addition to being able to have multiple contributors without becoming Page administrators, Pages can also now syndicate the recordings of their live streams to other Pages. Thus making it easier for when a brand hires a publisher to produce a branded live stream on the publisher's page but then wants to post the recorded version to the brand’s Page as well.

Facebook also added one more feature for those who have a following of 5,000 or more. And that is, they will now provide more live and non-live video measurements. People with these types of accounts will be able to see things such as: the total number of minutes people spent watching their videos, total number of views and reactions, and comments and shares those videos received. All-in-all giving the celebrity or public figure a better idea of how their videos performed.

All of these updates to the Facebook Live feature should help make your job as a marketer a little bit easier. After all, we know how tough trying to climb to the top of Indianapolis SEO ladder can be. So, hopefully being aware of these coming changes can help give you the edge you need to succeed this coming year.