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    Visitors of the Inauguration Day 2017 in Washington DC sharing their expectations about the next 4 years.
Visitors of the Inauguration Day 2017 in Washington DC sharing their expectations about the next 4 years.
Photographer Roman Makhmutov, assistant Andrey Slivin, transcribed and translated by Elena Prohorovskaya, producer Matvey Navdaev
Serena, Pennsylvania, United States.
I don't really support the Democratic Party just because of what they did to Bernie Sanders. I am a registered Communist, so, far left. I expect a lot of horrible things. I think Trump is going to deregulate a lot of things, so that stock markets will go up, but then it is a bubble that will burst. And of course the 99 percent of Americans will suffer from that, not the top one percent. I know that women, people of color, transgender, and the LGBT community is definitely going to suffer in a horrible way. What he means by "make America great again" is make it easier to be a white male in America again.
Deborah, from VirginiaI was born in San Diego, California. 
I support the Republican Party. I expect a financial change in our country and I expect more jobs, and I expect the people to join together and do what is right for the country, and what it was based on for over 200 years. My life will change, I'm sure the job market will change, and I'm sure that it will help as I age. I'm sure the financial situation in the country will help my life. I believe we will all unite eventually. I'm proud to be an American, and I feel safe here.
Dan from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I support Trump. I'm 16 and I can't vote, however, i will be going to the military, so I will go into the military if he's still in office in two years. We should see some vast improvement from what Obama brought us, it was incompetence. And I hope that we can get an outsider back in The White House and get some good change. Our economy should improve, trade should improve, relations with other countries should improve and our security, our board security, should improve too. We have been divided for a very long time because, in part, I believe Obama has not really done much to help remedy racial relations. Trump wants to unite people and if he's successful doing that, then we should no longer be divided, or as divided.
Sanjay from Canada
I live here, I am a local. I like Bernie Sanders, I think he offers a way for a better future. He has a vision that would help ordinary Americans enjoy higher standards of living, more economic security and I am hoping he becomes the voice of the left of this country. My expectations are very low, it is going to be weak, difficult times for the country in general, and for particular groups. I think we will be divided, and that's a good thing, we shouldn't unite behind this terrible president, we should resist him at every turn and keep promoting our vision of justice, and lay the groundwork for social progress in the future..
Raed, from Saudi Arabia
I just moved here. Actually, it is not my concern. It depends, sometimes you like this person, sometimes another. I think for this time, I kind of believe Donald Trump. I hope he will do a great job. I think America already has a system that is hard to control, but I believe Trump can do a little more within that system. He can help in the Middle East, Iraq, and Syria. I believe, after any election, it will get wild and then go back to normal, I think it is going to be the same after all.
Leathur Rokk from Atlantic City, New Jersey
I am mostly Republican. I expect the economy is going to be better, because now we have a real business man. Now, I am from Atlantic City, and my mother used to work at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino, and he is a proven business man. Even if he's had some failures, some people have 5, 10 failures before they have their big success. It probably still will be divided because people, especially if people only get their news from certain sources, and all they say is "Trump is evil, Trump is the devil," people really believe this and most don't try to find extra sources of news to get their information.fIf you don't have security, you don't have a country, and terrorism can destroy a country, and he can do something about it.
Richard, from D.C.
I was born in upstate New York, and I live here now. I tend to left, the Democrats. I worked for Bernie Sanders, I was Bernie's writer on his presidential campaign, so I supported Bernie Sanders. I expect nothing good, it is going to be bad. They're going to do a lot of harm. Hard to say how my life will change, hopefully I won't wind up in jail.
Kareem, from Atlanta.
I was born in New York. As of this year I support the Republican party. I'm interested to see what Donald Trump has to offer. I was not too happy with certain things that he said but as far as building the economy and keeping the economy growing, that sounds appropriate. I personally feel that America is still growing to become united. We sill have certain opinions about things and individual situations, and countries and allies. But with that said, we're still in progress. When disasters occur we are always united, but outside of that were still growing. I'll keep doing what I am doing now, just be a regular American.
Donald, from Northern Virginia.
I don't support a party, I support the right person, at the right job, and at the right time. I expect prosperity and new beginnings for the people that are coming here. I think initially we might have some division, but I think if everyone focuses on the goal, we will all unite. High tide brings up all ships.
I am afraid of losing reproductive health rights, abortion rights, access to contraceptives. It is actually inspiring me to take more action. In one way we can take all of our rights that are being threatened and we can fight for them. Personally I want to be more active. I'm a nurse, going back to school to become a nurse practitioner, so I can make sure that people whose abortion rights are taken away can have access to them. The country's very divided and I can't see that healing because of Trump's presidency.
My background is Central or Eastern European, I am not sure. I think the country will be less divided, I think the goal of Trump is to unite people. The problem is that political parties don't make it easy, there is just too much anonymity. I usually support the candidate that I think will be best. At the moment I do not support any parties at all.
Jeff, an American.
Unfortunately, the country probably will not unite once again. We don't have the face-to-face culture anymore, every one is online and there is anonymity there. People think they can say or do whatever they want and we're losing neighborly relationships we used to have. I am a Trump supporter. If the economy will get back on track, maybe that will reunite the country. My own life will change very little. Hopefully some things get done differently. Individual responsibility will grow.
I was born in Honduras. If anything, it should motivate me to become a better part of my community, and have a stronger voice so that a day like this does not happen again. It is a sad day.
Janet, from Florida.
I was born in Ecuador, I came here when I was 15 years old, I lived in New Jersey, and went to school in New York. I voted for Trump, I think he's a good person. I think he will change the United States for good. Every time I see him I see he's a good person, but he has to be tough, kind if like a father would treat a son. He's funny. I haven't went to the inauguration, but I think it was a disaster. I've seen so many dangerous things. Around here it is very dangerous, people fight, I don't understand what they fight for. I am not very happy to be here. It is scary for me.
Raoul, from Cameroon.
I'm not really sure but I think that the president is a very objective person and America will have an opportunity to express itself. I think that diplomacy in America will be hard. But economically, America has an opportunity to make economy more competitive, because for the first time the President is also a businessman who understands America's problems and problems of businessmen. I am not sure it will personally affect me as I am not an American. America is divided, but I believe Trump will make the necessary changes to unify the country once again.
Unnamed person.
Sorry, we are not allowed to talk. You have to speak to my officer for any questions.
Bryan, from South Carolina.
A lot of people are worried and troubled. I am a Christian, God is in control. The bible commands me to respect whoever will be in that position, and that's what I'm going to do. I am 16, so I am not that involved in politics. If I had to affiliate myself with a party, I would say I'm an independent. I look for good Christian character and ethics and I can't vote for anyone who kills babies. I think that here in America it will get worse, it does not matter who the president is, until Jesus comes back it will be worse. That's what the Bible says.
Slim, from Texas.
I'm an entrepreneur, so I'm sure we're going to get more money is our pockets from now. Haters gonna hate. Trump said it we all bleed the same blood. Let's make America great again!
Karissa, Texas.
Part of my family came from Sweden, France, and Germany. I support Trump, I guess. Hilary had a lot more cons than pros. My grandparents really liked Trump. He is not very good on camera, unlike Hilary, who is very convincing, but she does not have very good views and opinions. I ​think Trump has a chance at making things better.
Cakky, an American
We grew up in Richmond, Virginia. We’re really nervous about the affordable healthcare act that is in the process of being repealed. I'm nervous to see how that will affect me as a woman. I am concerned about women's right in the future, especially about what the republicans are saying about abortion rights. We think it will get worse. I try to be a tolerant person, but I know I am not a tolerant person when opinions differ. I think most people are the same way.
Isabel, an American.
We grew up in Richmond, Virginia. We’re really nervous about the affordable healthcare act that is in the process of being repealed. I'm nervous to see how that will affect me as a woman. I am concerned about women's right in the future, especially about what the republicans are saying about abortion rights. We think it will get worse. I try to be a tolerant person, but I know I am not a tolerant person when opinions differ. I think most people are the same way.
Bobbylama, Florida.
I was born in Idaho. My grandmother came from Germany. I am one of twelve children. Big German-Catholic family. I was independent for five years. This year I voted for Trump. We finally have a business man in charge of our county. That is what we need. I everyone is going to benefit from this. The county will reunite. Once the skeptics will see their savings accounts going up, their standards of living going up their going to understand they were wrong.
Donn, from California
I think I am going to see a safer country. We've had a lot of issues with crime, illegal immigrants, and gangs. I worked in law enforcement, we've seen an increase in crime. We did not see a lot of support from the government, in fact government took away a lot of our tools needed to protect our communities, I think this will change. People are going to be in for a pleasant surprise. Donald Trump is a man of the people. You can tell by his family, his children, his wife. I mean, look at where his wife is from. He has the ability to build bridges and I do not think that has been happening before. Everybody is waiting for change, and all we saw is division. Some politicians don't understand the complexities and needs of he average person, I think Trump understand that. I was an independent, then I became a republican and very proud of it.