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A Ray of Immortality • Acrylic on canvas
A Ray of Immortality
Acrylic on stretched canvas • 122 x 76cm

In Ancient Greek mythologies it has been said that the flesh of the peafowl did not decay after death. This belief inspired early Christianity to represent the fowl as a symbol of immortality, as such depicted in early Christian paintings and mosaics. The striking colour of Amaranth breathes eternal life throughout the iridescent plumage, the great flower in which Greeks believed never to fade. Intertwining trails lay among the watchful feathers, never stopping nor reaching a destination.

I'm a bit obsessed with peacocks and this piece really allowed me to express the beauty and history of these stunning birds. The colours, layout and focus of the painting aim to capture the immortal significance in which Ancient Greeks believed the peacock to have. I needed the eye looking straight at the viewer and hold their attention while letting the metallic pigments throughout give off an "immortal" glow and sense of reverence. 

Like this piece? You can purchase the original here.
A Ray of Immortality • Acrylic on canvas
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Sabrina Norbido