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    A couple of takes on posters to advertise an upcoming exhibition focusing on the work of James Dyson.
James Dyson Retrospective Exhibition
A couple of takes on posters advertising the work of James Dyson.
First Poster Design

I produced a poster for an upcoming retrospective exhibition of James Dyson and his work at the Design Museum in London.

Focusing on the simple shapes which the design of all Dyson products are based on, I created a couple of posters and a wall feature to be displayed on the side of the Design Museum itself.
Second Poster Design

The main idea behind this poster series was to raise awareness of both the “James Dyson Retrospective Exhibition” and Dyson’s ethos, primarily by focusing on the organisation’s determination and strive for creative design and engineering, with a huge emphasis on learning through experience. I have aimed to do this by using a bold and simple poster design with a message written over an image. The image relates to the trial and error approach to design which Dyson adopts and the message reinforces this.

By representing all 5,126 prototypes of James Dyson’s first vacuum cleaner I aim to emphasise the amount of time, care and effort which goes in to creating a Dyson product and thereby encapsulate the organisation’s absolute focus on quality.
Each of the three posters contains an image made up of 5,126 shapes; a triangle, square or circle. Elements of these geometric shapes can be found in all Dyson products, so I felt that it would be fitting to include them in the advertising of an exhibition for Dyson’s work. The use of basic block colour shapes to represent components of a whole object (Dyson product) creates an abstract image, arousing curiosity.
An example of how the posters could be displayed, these could be either digital or static posters. With the digital posters however, each of the statements could be revealed after each other on the same screen, keeping the viewers focus with the movement and uncovering of the three statements.