Oumbra is a new design projector created for outdoor usage. This new concept is great for people who love outdoor activities. It offers easy portability. Large groups can watch sports games, movies, and even music videos in an outdoor environment.

Portable Projector

OUMBRA has a high fidelity projection lens which provides excellent image quality. It also has a powerful speaker surrounding of the device. This gives a great experience to an outdoor party.
Simple Operation & Easy Adjustment

There are six buttons on the top of the OUMBRA which provides the user with fast and easy operation without the remote control. Also, there is a button on the side of the body so the user can adjust the stand at any angle.

Delicate Surface Design

The lens ring has a very fine and delicate surface design; it can zoom in and zoom out to find the best image resolution.

The stand of OUMBRA can rotate 360°. It can shoot the screen in every angle. It can also be carried for easy portability.

Not Just a Projector, Also a Speaker

OUMBRA has eight speaker installations; it provides the user with high-quality sound effects to an outdoor audience.
Wireless Remote Control

Connect and control with your personal Smartphone at s distance.
Stand Can Also Be A Handle

Advancing sample stands to have portability and usability.