Go Fix Yourself Manifesto Zine
This Go Fix Yourself book was based around my personal design manifesto which is titled just that. My design choices are in direct correlation to the ideology behind the writing. Go Fix Yourself (the manifesto) is based around the fact that graphic design is one of the few fields that harnesses the ability to evoke societal change, in this case for the best of humanity and the environment in which we live. The manifesto brings to light the problematic ideologies and wastefulness of designers as a whole and enlightens the reader on how we may not only change the way we live, but to design in a way that pushes the community to do so as well. The book holds a collection of two other manifestos that also speak on the importance of environmental awareness.

With all of that in mind the design pretty much speaks for itself. Since this problem is something that is very critical to the future of life existence I chose to use an aesthetic that stressed awareness and importance. The majority of the design choices that were made echo those of construction and warning labels. Choice to print the black type in a book that is filled with Orange Fizz French Paper not only draws the readers attention but gives a sense of urgency. The subtle page intros such as "begin work zone" along with the horizontal lines add subtle (and not so subtle) details of construction and change overall. The imagery in the book uses an editing technique that blends the writer of each manifesto with an image that relates to waste (mainly land fills). 

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy, before you reach the imagery I remind you to first Go Fix Yourself.