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    Venice is a Tweet. Mapping 30.000 Twitter samples over the city of Venice.
Venice is a Tweet
Since the release of Tiziano Scarpa's "Venezia è un pesce" book, the shape of Venice has become another iconic way to define it as the most beautiful city in the world (even though it should be define as a city "out of category" in this particular ranking).

In this little project I have plotted nearly 30.000 samples taken from eight months of geo-localised Twitter activity over Venice, along with information about the language of each tweet. Overlaying the cursor over the map, you should be able to get information about the language of each tweet detected. Still, there are some 'un' (unknown) results, due to impossibility in detecting weird strings composed (in general) mainly by #hashtags or http:// links, which actually don't reveal any information about the content of the message.

Twitter data have been provided by IFISC for research purposes. Data have been parsed through Python and pandas. Language detection of the strings has been performed using the Chromium Package Detector. Data have been plotted on a map thanks to the Carto project.

Click here for the full map.