How can you transform a ordinary business brunch to an interesting experience for your clients?

You want to honor your clients but at the same time your main purpose is to inform them about products and services in a very "personalized" way. Not like a common corporate event with long speeches and boring sessions.

So, you need, a reference point in order to make the difference. You should build a story, a script, step by step. An in order to do this you need a concept.

And for us there was one phrase that came to our minds: Back 2 School

We want to make clients feel relaxed - creating a little bit of nostalgia by teasing their memories from another time, more innocent, more simple. We want to make them smile. So no more business worries, just learning, exploring new dimensions of knowledge with open mind and clear thought.

the tools

School notebooks, pencils and erasers, handwritten etiquettes with their names. No brochures, but only personal conversations.

All this in a very unique hall located in the one of the best riding clubs in the country. 
Because doing Business is good and if at the same time you can feel the power of nature, this movement of energy and strenght, then your soul feels better and a big smile brightens your face!