StarCraft II:
StarCraft II: Ongoing Work
Here is a collection of ongoing SC2 work as new features are introduced.​​​​​​​
Featured Panel for selling bundles and featured items in the collection. UI Art & Design. 3D characters and portraits by the SC2 Art Team.
Dynamic Bundle dialog that shows the items included and what is already owned.
Collection Skins Gallery - UI Art & Design. 3D models by the SC2 Art Team.
Collection Portrait Gallery - UI Art, Animation & Design. Portrait Art by SC2 Art Team.
Collection Announcers - UI Art & Design. Character art by SC2 Art Team.
Ladder Revamp
Ladder Revamp Introduction Dialog
Ladder Revamp - New Progression Score Screen
New Portrait Borders that more closely match the League Icons. Art & animation.
New Ladder Progression Banners - Art & animation
Emoticon System
Emoticon Selection Panel for chat
Emoticons - Created all emoticon art.
Coop Mutators
Mutator Feature Introduction Dialog
Mutator Information Panel
Mutator Progression Banners - Created art and icons
Coop Commander Information/Purchasing
Learn More dialog template - Commander Features
Purchase Commander dialog
StarCraft II:

StarCraft II:

Ongoing feature work for StarCraft II glue screens. Responsible for UI Art and for ongoing & new features for StarCraft II. Collaborat Read More


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