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novum 02.17 »Brazil«

novum 02.17 »Brazil«

A bright orange invites readers to join us on our journey to Brazil. The February issue of novum looks behind the scenes of various Brazilian design studios. Abracadabra, Casa Rex, Chiapa, Elefante or Frente, no matter whether they are large or small, all the studios produce great designs and their solutions are as diverse and multi-cultural as the country itself. The many facets of Brazilian life are also reflected in André Bergamins illustrations and Chico Homem de Melo talks about the rich history of Brazilian design.
In our showroom section we visited the Indo-Croatian studio Blok and the German agency Karl Anders als well as Makebardo from New Zealand and Power-nap Over in Hong Kong.

The paper
Splendorlux, the paper we used, adds an appropriate splash of color. Splendorlux by Fedrigoni comes in various shades, surfaces and weights. We opted for Orange in 350 gsm.

The design of the cover
The cover of this issue was designed by Greco Design and the aim was to avoid the usual clichés. The designers decided to go for a typographic solution, explains Gustavo Greco, so the cover names a few words that only exist in Brazilian Portuguese. Experiments with letterpress led the designers to incorporate a B into the background. A kind of hidden reference to Brasil. 

Copies of this issue can be bougth here

Cover design: Greco Design (BRA)
Paper: Splendorlux Orange in 350 gsm by Fedrigoni

Photos: Dominic Brighton, 

novum 02.17 »Brazil«

novum 02.17 »Brazil«

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