So I Heard You Like Monsters Solo Exhibition
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    Artwork for my first solo exhibition.
So I Heard You Like Monsters
My first solo exhibition in the Nelson Bridge Street Cafe.
8 August - 1 September 2012
Mr. Big & Mr. Snow
Acrylic & marker on plywood
800 x 1200mm

Bigfoot and the Snow Yeti are the coolest of cool. Every winter Mr. Big climbs up the mountain to Snow’s place to bring him the best firewood before carving down the mountainside on his board. And In the summertime Mr. Snow makes a hot trip downhill to keep Big and his forest friends cool with his super sweetsational snow cones!
Wolfman Jam
Acrylic and marker on plywood
780 x 1200mm

Forget howling, this wolfman is all about the Jazz. Every full moon he gets out his Saxophone, climbs the highest hilltop and lets the sweet sounds of the Jazz ghosts float up to the night sky.
Franken Yoga
Acrylic and marker on plywood
780 x 1200mm

Franken Monster isn’t scary at all. He likes to mend things, from the big to the small. 
He teaches Yoga on Monday, and sews right through to Sunday... so if your cat dies, perhaps give him a call.