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    Restaurant Tavernetta
Every now and again a restaurant appears on the scene which proves how simplicity and keeping natural materials in mind can be key to creating a homely, comfortable space in which to enjoy good food and drink. Tavernetta, a new restaurant in Odessa, Ukraine, has been designed by Studio Belenko with a comforting appreciation for raw materials and a focus on the practice of preparing and enjoying good Italian cuisine. The result is an endearingly calm space with a lot of raw and yet understated personality.

Walking up to the restaurant you're welcomed by sturdy planters, simple foliage, a quirky dresser (yes, outside) and a cluster of outdoor seating under a striking wooden veranda - perfect for people watching on a sunny afternoon. Both the wall to ceiling doors and windows have been masterfully crafted and although it's tempting to sit and relax outside, you can't help but be tempted inside by the quality of the design and workmanship. Once inside, the first thing that strikes you about TavernettaLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer sit amet tincidunt lorem. Integer a enim a neque ullamcorper eleifend. Quisque tempor dictum purus, in pretium dui ullamcorper sodales. Mauris ante lorem, hendrerit nec blandit et, congue non velit. Proin ut tortor vel enim commodo ornare eget id nisi. Nunc sit amet tellus nibh, vel interdum dolor. Quisque tincidunt, nulla ut imperdiet placerat, magna augue elementum orci, ac sollicitudin urna turpis non sem. Aliquam erat volutpat. Proin bibendum varius vestibulum. In id justo at magna posuere pharetra quis ac nulla. Suspendisse vestibulum justo at massa imperdiet laoreet. Cras euismod adipiscing neque, ac tristique nisl luctus sit amet. Nunc accumsan felis ut lectus vulputate quis blandit sapien egestas. Pellentesque justo neque, auctor quis hendrerit vitae, tempus eget magna. Sed id lobortis augue. Nam pharetra sagittis leo, id vehicula elit faucibus sit amet. Integer facilisis imperdiet dui in commodo.

Tavernetta makes you almost feel like you're entered somebody's home, a space that's loved but not overpowering in the slightest. Once settled (it doesn't take long in this place) what initially seems a severely simple design starts to unravel around you as you start to notice little quirks that add extra elements of personality to the space. Traditional cooking utensils hang on the walls like practical pieces of art. A uniform collection of different coloured retro mixers have been lined up on the simple wood panelling, and colanders are displayed on a neighboring wall to add character. Retro light fittings juxtapose the modern with the predominantly traditional flavour of the place. Tarvenetta has been designed with a lot of thought and attention to detail. Collections of items have been arranged to compliment the symmetry that although not a feature, is still central to the design as it allows the space to flow. Displays of items such as the retro cookery equipment and utensils add interest and splashes of colour but never look cluttered in the light airy atmospheric space. The longer you spend inTavernetta, the more you come to realise the clever subtleties of Studio Belenko's design.

Tavernetta looks like an established restaurant that's evolved with time. It is a special addition to Odessa and a joy to spend time in. The use of quality materials and the sympathetic design will definitely ensure that this is a restaurant improves with age.