You are not alone.

I wanted to raise awareness towards "Alcoholism in the Family" for my Design in Spacial Context Project for the School of Visual Arts.

About 43% of U.S. adults — 76 million people — have been exposed to alcoholism in the family — they grew up with or married an alcoholic or a problem drinker or had a blood relative who was an alcoholic or problem drinker.

So, with a raw and exposing point of view, I found myself creating an example of an alcoholic for each member of a family and continued by representing each as their own personal drink of choice. On the back of each bottle you can find the abuse story of a family member of their own that led them to see their alcoholic relatives as in... a bottle.

Most of the time, the biggest victims are the ones closest to the individual with the alcohol abuse.

I hope some of these stories hit close to home, because we all love our relatives and we are not alone.

Her attempts to conceal her disease became futile. 
She would start making dinner after work but pass out before she could finish. She would pick fights with me over things that were beyond my control: my mother's love life, her online dating prospects, my personality similarities to my father and her financial situation. She would forget about my activities and be too drunk to drive me places.

After a nasty fall outside that left her with a busted lip, a close friend and a neighbor of ours decided to take her to rehab a couple of years ago. She was too drunk at the time to be admitted, and they suggested she come back when she was sober. She never did.

This is my mother now.


Me and my brother shared a room until i was fourteen. 
Our chemistry was so big people would gather around just to enjoy our show. My brother was always my best friend. But in time I became more of an enabler than my parents ever could. 
A brother who doesn’t cover for his brother is not really a loyal guy in the sibling-rule-book. So i blurred my lenses too many times. After years of dealing with his problems It is hard to realize i feel way too distant from him over it. 
It breaks me. Stay strong. 

This is my brother now.

Sometimes i feel guilty to think that i just want it to end. It's like she is torturing us. I don't know weather she wants to die or not but it seems like it is going to be the only outcome of this nightmare. Both me and my family are sick of worrying all the time. I have a daughter, a brother, and two parents and I am done with all the time I have wasted on my sister. She doesn't appreciate it. 

I can tell she is sick, but this is my sister now.

I wake up on Saturday mornings and I don't even knock on her door anymore. I don't know where she is but I know she is not there. She always runs away Friday nights to god knows where. I don't even give her any money anymore. I took all the privileges away from her but the only thing she cares about is to not be with us, with me, just not the family. People say It's just typical of her age but i thought my baby girl loved me. I thought she would love her dad forever. 

This is my daughter now.

Concept/Design/Copy: José Maria Neves
Photography/Editing: Leo Urossov
Instructor: Nigel Sielegar
The Bottle Family

The Bottle Family

I couldn't have done this assignment in the best way possible without the help of the great photographer Mr Leonid Urossov, junior Photography st Read More