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    If you are interested in buying this chair, you can contact me on my email address: nata_zivulovic@yahoo.com
by Natalia Zivulovic
It‘s not hard to understand that recycling isn‘t a big thing in Serbia. People can barely make ends meet and the last thing they are thinking about is the environment. It is a shame that environmental-friendly products are only available to a privileged minority, everything that has an environmental label is twice as expensive. Today and here in my country it is considered more as a fashion than a necessity.

The emerge of new wastelands is a growing problem in Serbia. That is why this project begun at one of those wastelands in Belgrade. A couple of themes are present in this project: re-use and recycling materials as well as recycling functions. That is how the old supermarket-trolley got the lead role in the following scenarios: a chair with a footstool and a chair with a coffee table.

Relocating the supermarket trolley from their original consumption environment and giving them a brand new purpose, aims to shift the focus from the material and draw attention to the significance of nurturing and developing spiritual and noble civilizational values.

LA3Y4Market invites you to sit back, relax, take a book in your hands and also be too lazy for market!
LA3Y4Market was exhibited on Mikser festival, Belgrade 2011 (Official selection of the Ghost Project - International Talent Competition).