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    Grand expanse is a VR (Virtual Reality) music video created by Tendril.
Grand Expanse
Transport yourself to another world in our surreal VR music video for Martina Sorbara and The Tiny Sun's song “Grand Expanse".

Co-developed by Tendril and Drew Lightfoot (of Someplace Nice), the dreamlike experience was created by using a combination of otherworldly 3D + 2D assets. The finishing touch was our heroine Martina Sorbara’s performance, captured live as point cloud data that was then projected into the 360-degree animated wonderland — culminating in an immersive ‘grandexpanse’.

Our collective of artists, doers, and thinkers at Tendril have always been extremely passionate about the intersection of art and technology. Virtual Reality is quickly proving to be one of the most powerful contemporary expressions of art and tech, and we knew we had to dive in. The experimental process of developing immersive and augmented worlds excites us tremendously, and we are thrilled to have our own VR / AR lab. "Grand Expanse" is particularly dear to our hearts because it was the first experiment that came from this flourishing lab.

We were over the moon when our respected and beloved friend Drew Lightfoot came to us with this project. Drew presented us an initial concept depicting a magical environment, with lots of light effects and at its center a female character performing in a whimsical, enchanting manner. From there, the brief was pretty much carte blanche for us to develop the virtual world that our heroine performs in. Along with the production process came a slew of head-scratching challenges, from which we've learned the hard way and formed our own list of VR do's and dont's based on our own experimentation.