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Color vision

(1) red red wavelength is the longest, penetrating power, high sensitivity. It is easy to make people think of the sun, fire, blood, flowers, feel warm, excited, lively, enthusiastic, positive, hope, loyalty, health, happiness, full with upward tendency, but is sometimes considered childish, primitive, violent, dangerous, vulgar symbol. Red has always been our traditional festive color.

Deep red with purple and red taste people feel solemn, steady, and warm color, common in the occasion of welcoming guests. With smart pink white, with soft, sweet, happy, happiness, dreams, Wen Ya feeling, almost become a special color for women.

(2) orange orange and red are warm, with color between red and yellow, it is reminiscent of the flame, the light rays, fruits and other things, is the most warm and bright colour. Feeling lively and beautiful, brilliant, vibrant, warm, hot, sweet, happy, happy, but there are doubts, envy, and false negative expression tendency.

Ash into orange brown, with white and orange light orange, blood orange and commonly known as ivory, itself are commonly used in sweet color is also many consumers especially women, children, youth favorite clothing color.

(3) all yellow yellow is the color of the color with high brightness compact, light, transparent, bright, lively, bright, brilliant, hope, fame, health impression. But the yellow is too bright and dazzling, and he is easy to lose its original color mix, so there are thin, unstable, constantly changing, cold and other adverse implications.

White with pale yellow, feel calm and gentle, containing a large number of grayish beige or white is a very good leisure natural color, dark yellow have a noble, solemn sense. Because yellow is very reminiscent of the skin of many fruits, it can cause an acidic appetite.

Yellow is also used as a safe color because it can be easily found, such as outdoor work clothes.

(4) green in nature, in addition to the sky and rivers, oceans, the largest area of green, grass, foliage plants, almost everywhere, it symbolizes life, youth, peace, tranquility, fresh, etc.. The most suitable for the eyes of the human eye, eliminating fatigue, regulating function. Yellow brings a breath of spring, popular with children and young people welcome. Blue green, dark green, the color of the forest is the sea, has a profound, steady and calm, wise meaning. Ash green, such as green, olive green, green, green color of pickles, to mature, sophisticated, deep feeling, is widely used in the police, and the provisions of the clothing color.

(5) blue and orange red, instead, is a typical cold, quiet, cold, said the reason, profound and transparent meaning, along with the continuous development of human space activities, it has a strong sense of modern high-tech symbol.

Light blue is bright and full of youthful vitality, for young people love, but there are not mature enough. Dark blue, calm and stable, the color of the popular favorite for middle-aged people. The slightly warm taste group is full of deep blue, attractive, dark blue is a generous, solemn impression. Indigo, pale blue because of the extensive application in the private sector, seems to have become a symbol of national characteristics. Of course, there is another side of the blue character, such as stereotypes, indifference, sadness, fear, etc..

(6) purple has a mysterious, noble, beautiful, dignified, luxury line temperament, and sometimes feel lonely, negative. Especially darker or dark purple, easy to decay and death, ominous impression. But with light grey red purple or blue purple, has a similar space, the universe color elegant, mysterious sense of the times, which is widely used in modern life.

(7) black black is colorless and has no color. Often give people the feeling of quiet, mysterious, serious, serious, implicit, in addition, it is easy to make people sad, horrible, ominous, silence, death, crime and other negative impression. Nevertheless, the combination is very wide adaptability of black, no matter what color is bright color matched. Good results can be achieved good to hear or see. But can not be used in large areas, otherwise, not only greatly reduced its charm, on the contrary will produce depressed, gloomy terror.

(8) the white and white impression is clean, bright, pure, innocent, simple, healthy, quiet, etc.. In the background, other colors will look more beautiful, more clear. Multi use white may also produce a dull tasteless, empty feeling.

(9) gray is a neutral color, its prominent character is soft, meticulous, smooth, simple, generous, it is not as black and white as it will significantly affect the other colors. Therefore, the background color is very ideal. Any color can be mixed with gray, slightly colored with a sense of gray can give a person with elegant, delicate, subtle, stable, refined, civilized and refined sense of luxury. Of course, the abuse of gray is also easy to expose its boring, lonely, melancholy, no passion, no interest side.

(10) brown gray, with a certain low brightness of various colors, such as red, green, brown, soil cooked brown, coffee, brown, pickles, bronze, camel hair, tea brown color, character is not too strong, its affinity with other color matching, especially fresh and hue with better effect.
It reminds people of the autumn harvest season, so have mature, rich sense of humility, and easy-going.

(11) gloss in addition to gold, silver and other precious metals, all colors

How to use color and color habits affect the color of personal feeling, the artist has his own habit, determine the picture tone color and personal 

habits have a direct relationship, such as Van Gogh love with high purity color, high contrast, full of exuberant vitality of the visual effect. Some artists

 love with simple and subtle colors, such as love, Veyer and he used a kind of ochre, cooked brown color with close to the color, the pursuit of color

 between the differential is characteristic of his color language.

The overall tendency of the color of a picture is a large color effect. In nature, 

we often see such a phenomenon: the objects with different colors or is shrouded in a golden sun, or was shrouded in a veil of mist, like the pale blue moonlight; or autumn charming golden color covered; 

or is unified in the winter white world. 

This kind of color in different colors, covered with a certain color, so that different colors of objects with the same color tendency,

this color phenomenon is the color. Hue is the overall effect of the composition of the picture color. Tone.