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Finkeltivity - Amy's Kitchen
Amy's Kitchen
360 Degree Integrated Marketing Campaign
Amys Kitchen is an organic food company, most well known for their series of organic soups and frozen foods.

This is a conceptual 360° Integrated Marketing Campaign focused on their soup line.

     Primary: Experiential, Qualitative Interviews
     Secondary: Food Network, Food Blogs

Target market:
          Female, single, aged 24-36, college educated 4+ years, urban city living, full time career, 50k HHI.
          Career minded vegetarians, with a mind set of keeping healthy and active. The VALS 2 classifications
          would be “strivers,” followed by “thinkers.”

Creative Strategy: Resonance

Media Placement: Vegetarian Times,, WholeFoods Market.

Big Idea: Every vegetarian has a story, what’s yours?

Roles: Art Director and Copywriter
The consumer ad plays off the idea that soup comes from nature by depicting soup cans in unsuspecting places, but also resembles that of a microphone that one could talk into.

          Every Vegetarian Has A Story. What’s Yours?
          How did you became a vegetarian? Tell us and win a chance to be
          featured on the Amy’s soup can. Visit
To help promote the campaign, a co-branding effort would be developed between Amy’s Kitchen and WholeFoods Market.

The table tent would be placed on the cafe tables near the entrance of the store to help promote the campaign to possible vegetarians enjoying various meals.

It would play off the same idea as the consumer ad, however it would instead use more vibrant graphic elements to stand out on the table amongst other objects. The tent would be co-branded along with WholeFoods Market.
The wag, a device used to advertise a product on a shelf, continues the concept from the other components, using the same imagery from the table tent.

It would be placed hanging from the shelf in the Amy’s Kitchen Soups section of WholeFoods and other natural food stores, promoting the campaign during the consumer’s decision making process.
During more busy weekend hours, WholeFoods Market would be commissioned to set up a food table/hut that would not only promote the soups but also promote the campaign.

A larger version of the consumer ad would be featured alongside a crock pot filled with soup so people may enjoy the product while reading up on the campaign. After trying the soup an occasional spokesperson would be on site to help people to understand the campaign and what it means for them to tell their story.

Next to the enlarged version of the ad would be an upright box containing brochures featuring information on Amy’s Kitchen Soup line. It would incorporate all the imagery from the previous elements plus a few additional features. It would also be used at food fairs and conferences, and as a leave behind with buyers.
The interactive elements would be the summation of everything the campaign stands for, since the campaign’s call to action is to visit the website.

The website, being content management based, would be a place for people to post their story, share it with others and view other stories. By posting your story, it would be entered in a contest that would by judged by Amy’s Kitchen spokespeople. The winner would be featured, along with their story, for 6 months on the Amy’s Kitchen soup line on the back of the cans.

The login page would have a promotional video that would help promote the campaign.


Client: Amy’s Kitchen - Soups
Length: 30 seconds
Talent: Blond female 25 – 35 yrs
Setting: Barley/Wheat Field
Copywriter: Josh Finkelstein [Self]

[VO: Woman] At Amy’s we believe that your decision to eating healthy is the best choice you’ve
ever made. That’s why we want to hear from you. For years, we’ve been striving to uncover the
mystery to being a truly healthy person and what drives them to that path. Inspire your family.
Inspire others. Inspire Us. By telling your story and telling the world why you choose to be
vegetarian we can continue to create products tailor fit for the new healthy generation V. You can
also win a chance to be featured on one of our soup cans. So go for it, spread the word and tell
us why you choose to be vegetarian.
In addition to an interactive website, an iPhone/ Mobile Application would be developed allowing users, that already had an account on the website, to post a video of their story.

By signing into their account using the application, they would be able to record directly from the Mobile device to the website. It would also give the user an option to either save for later editing or to post directly to the site.
To conclude, the campaign would have a far more reaching effect than a typical food campaign, giving more back to the consumer rather than just a bowl of soup.

It would also be tailored to gather CRM data showing success through results and accommodating the campaign over its full duration.

PR would be used to help promote the campaign throughout Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

Press releases would be written up and sent to newspapers and television networks such as the
Food Network and Travel Channel.

In all, I see this as being a very viable way to promoting an already successful organic food company.
Finkeltivity - Amy's Kitchen

Finkeltivity - Amy's Kitchen

Amys Kitchen is an organic food company, most well known for their series of organic soups and frozen foods. This is a conceptual 360° Integrate Read More